How Bad Do I Want It?

Like any other teacher, I dread research before. I did not pay attention to it. I was not interested.

Until the day came when Dr. Reynaldo Cuizon introduced to us the simple ways on how to conduct an Action Research. His compliment on the way I wrote our proposal was one thing I considered that triggered me most to give research a try. It was the start.

With my colleague Sir Gary, we were able to finish one study and while I was writing it, my love for words was awaken. Chances came when another encouragement was laid on my table when I presented my study on Student Mothers. Sir Cuizon was invited again to be our external panel and he said that my proposal can be very inspirational.

My love for research grew every day when I was also doing my thesis paper as requirement for master’s degree. Again, another accomplishment was attained when my paper got a meritorious award.

It may seem that the awards and appreciations I got, inspired me to embrace research. However, I could say that the underlying tone to these things is actucally my realization that I have a potential to do it right.

Research for me requires a high form of mental activity, yet it never neglects the little voices of a beating heart. A research that is conducted without any impact to any form of life can just be buried six feet on the ground. Whether it deals with numbers or images or words – all they should spell is LIFE.

This is the reason why I want it so bad. It is not about the reward. It is about the great possibilities I can do, even just to the life of one. It offers an opportunity, which I can grab that could pave the way in finding a solution to a long existing problem.

I just realized that the reason why teachers are required to conduct research is because of the sworn oath that we should the purveyor of truth and light. We are called to touch lives.

With research, all these things can be done.

I will because I can.

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