The View 

One Palm Tree Oasis, The View.

I was sent here in Manila for National Vetting of Institutional Development and Innovation Grant at Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Head Office. I proposed a project entitled “Development of MonCAST Research and Publication Program”.

When I arrived here yesterday, I had high hopes that my proposal will be approved. What gave me the reason to expect is that I have in mind that it will be impractical for CHEd to ask us to fly here without giving any assurance that it will be worth all the spending.

However, it did not go as expected. When I started talking about the realities of our school and why we need funding, one of the panel members uttered that he really wanted to recommend our project, but there are still other concerns he is considering. The Head panel member said something which gave me a mixed emotion. She said that they will be creating another program for local colleges and that will be realized before the year ends. What hurt me so much is that she said that from a local college, they are not expecting us to produce high quality research works and that they are contented with action researches only.

I was not satisfied with my trip. It made me ask myself if it is really not good to dream higher. We may be just a local college, but we can be at par with other higher education institutions if only they will give us a chance.

This post is entitled The View because I was thinking deep when I took this picture. I was on the 10th floor when this was taken, and it somehow inspired me to think of the possibilities that I can bring MonCAST this high – this is The View that CHEd needs to see from us.

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